In the Threads Setting magical and supernatural abilities are generally rare, or require significant study and knowledge to harness. The Monk class is generally meant to represent those people who have perfected their body and mastered its use in such a way that they can achieve supernatural feats – they can run faster than any person could ever run, jump higher than any person could ever jump, punch harder than any person could ever punch.

There is an extent to which these things can really exist in a meaningful way. There are always examples of people who seem to surpass human capabilities, but in truth these people are reaching towards the pinnacle of natural ability, not surpassing the natural. The Monk, however, surpasses what is naturally possible, and does so through sheer force of will. This creates an inconsistency between Monks, and other characters with strong wills. Why doesn’t everyone run supernaturally fast, punch supernaturally hard, and dodge blows with what seems like supernatural agility?

The answer to this in Threads is “no one does that,” at least not in that way. A sorcerer can always use magic to overcome natural limitations of human speed, and a wizard can always turn their fists into stone to make their punches supernaturally deadly, but without this magical intervention such things are impossible. For characters who wish to play with the style of a Monk I would suggest a Fighter who takes the Open Palm and Untouchable martial styles.

The class is available in extremely rare circumstances, the likes of which would require surrendering some amount of control over a character’s background and history to the GM. Anyone who is interested in taking this option should speak to the GM before making their character.


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