Halflings are, far and above, the closest runner-up to Humans for total population in the known world, almost the entirety of which is contained in the Parliamentary Kingdom of Kefran. Halflings outside of Kefran are relatively rare except in fairly small family groups. The Nada’Fan tends to be the area with the most groups of Halflings outside of Kefran, where a fair number have become successful merchants, traveling entertainers, and herdsmen.

Halflings as a race are not necessarily inclined to bigotry, but among many Halfling cultures the idea of Halfling Superiority has been long ingrained. In the mind of some Halflings this has been upset by the results of the recent trend of racial inter-breeding, and in the minds of others it has been solidified. The result, in particular, has been the discovery – or rediscovery – of the fact that Halflings seem incapable of inter-breeding with any other humanoid race.

Physiology and Life Cycle
Halflings are the smallest known humanoid race. They stand between two feet seven inches and three feet one inch tall as adults, and weigh between fifty and sixty pounds. The average halfling reaches adulthood at the age of 21 with an average maximum lifespan of 90 years. Halfling families are quite flexible, tending to have as few as one child in urban professions, but often having more than ten children in rural professions.

Average Halfling Age Categories
Infant 0 – 2
Child 3 – 10
Adolescent 11 – 16
Young Adult 17 – 22
Adult 23 – 43
Middle Aged 44 – 61
Old 62 – 78
Venerable 79 – 90

Descriptive Notes
Adult Halflings look almost exactly like shorter adult humans, which sometimes makes it fairly easy for Halflings to disguise themselves as human children.


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