Half-Celestials are just what the name implies, people who are essentially directly descended from celestials, such as having one celestial parent, or two half-celestial parents. Half-Celestials, oddly, do not seem to inherit significantly different attributes based on what sort of celestial or celestials they are descended from, and never seem to really lose the attributes of their mortal race.

Half-Celestials are almost impossible to miss in a crowd. They tend to be about 10 to 15 percent larger and heavier than other members of their mortal race, and have feathered wings, usually mostly white in color though some have light blue or grey on the tips of their wings. Furthermore, half-celestials have eyes and hair of metallic colors, usually gold or silver – with a notable metallic sheen.

The wings of a human Half-Celestial span an average of about 25 feet and can carry them about as fast as a jogging or even a sprinting person of similar build. Half-Celestials are also noted as generally being stronger, more agile, heartier, and more discerning and charismatic than average members of their humanoid race.

Half-Celestials Culturally

Half-Celestials are incredibly rare. A handful of Half-Celestials were born shortly after the events of the Planar War when a few elements of the celestial armies were stranded here and there in the mortal realm, but fairly few have been born since the year 1300. However, Half-Celestials have an incredibly extended life span compared to normal members of their race. The exact amount of life extension isn’t really known, but it has been estimated at between four and five times the natural life span of a normal member of their race, often with very little outward sign of aging after reaching the point of young-adulthood.

Half-Celestials tend to be seen as holy, closely connected to the divine, and incredibly wise. Many people often seek out Half-Celestials to ask for prayers or for advice. Furthermore, many people misguidedly believe that Half-Celestials are above the petty transgressions of mortals and are – in effect – almost incapable of doing any wrong. However, no evidence exists that Half-Celestials are good by nature or necessarily tend towards goodly acts.


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