The Aasimar are those people who have traces of celestial blood in their veins, usually from a grandparent or great grandparent, though sometimes from multiple, more distant, ancestors. Aside from their celestial heritage, Aasimar can be of any humanoid race (and possibly many non-humanoid races), and can freely inter-breed as if they were a member of their non-celestial race, often producing more Aasimar depending on the potency of their celestial heritage.

Ultimately Aasimar are less of a race to themselves as they are a modified member of an existing race. It is as valid to say that someone who is of elven descent who is an Aasimar is an “Elven Aasimar” as it is to say simply that they are an “Elf” or simply that they are an “Aasimar.” Each statement is true, with varying amounts of information.

Generally speaking it is not difficult to discern that someone is an Aasimar as they tend to have not only metallic colors to their hair and eyes, but a metallic sheen as well. The most common colors are gold and silver, but Aasimar exist with hair and eyes like mithril, copper, and white gold. In every case, an Aasimar’s eye color and hair color perfectly match.

Aasimar tend to have extended life spans compared to other members of their race, usually living about 20% longer than the average member of their race, though there have been some who lived up to 160% of their races’ normal lifespan.

Aasimar Culturally

Aasimar tend to be highly regarded in most places, but often with very unrealistic expectations. A common belief in many very religious nations such as Golir and the Nada’Fan is that Aasimar and Half-Celestials have a more potent connection to the divine and that their prayers are, in fact, more likely to be heeded. Thus in some instances people have attempted to beg, bribe, or even black mail Aasimar to secure their prayers for the safety of someone’s crops, the healing of their relative, or the prosperity of their city.

In truth no evidence exists to connect the prayers of Aasimar or Half-Celestials with prosperity, healing, or anything seemingly miraculous. Never-the-less this continued perception leads many Aasimar to conceal their identities in public, often by wearing wigs, glasses, or concealing hoods. It has also lead to a large number of Aasimar being heavily encouraged to pursue religious offices and professions.


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