Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Fire and Lightning

Kurika works with Quentin Longtooth to ‘create a distraction’ while Kurika attempts to assassinate Empress Zhaon Lu Paei. The distraction includes destroying the Sentinal Ship via alchemical explosive device and bombarding shore-side military installations.

The people of Lalsim successfully repel the attacking ships after about a half-hour of fighting, but with two Nada’Athi ships sunk, the Sentinel Ship destroyed, multiple cannon batteries obliterated, and several dock-side warehouses looted. The attacking vessels, on the other hand, successfully retreat after providing their ‘distraction’.

Kurika, on the other hand, does battle with the combined forces of the imperial palace, including the empress, then finds her way to a mountain top as quickly as her addled mind can carry her.


Awww, did somebody get Feebleminded?

Fire and Lightning

Oh, it’s so much worse…

Fire and Lightning

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