A human adolescent with a lot of experience as a cook


Ulva is a human girl of about 13 years. She is about 5 feet tall, has long brown hair and light brown eyes. Ulva’s complexion is a fairly dark tan, and she wears a very passive expression at all times.

In the center of Ulva’s back is a very large rune brand which apparently forced her to be calm and obey the commands of Naimi before its magics were disrupted by wizards from the Golirian Tower of Mages.

Ulva no longer has the majority of her tongue and was effectively mute until she was given a magical prosthetic by ritualists in the employ of Luther Ritter.


Ulva was an unwilling servant of Naimi until she was rescued by Luther Ritter and Sana Roshan. She is an excellent cook, but was subjected to a rune brand that forced her to be calm and to obey Naimi for years. Now that she is no longer under the brand’s control, Ulva is still relatively shy, and rarely spends much time around others, but likes to sketch people when she does.


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