Turh is a young orc woman with dark grey-green skin and thickly-curled, short black hair. She stands at about average height and has a relatively slender build.

Turh has a brand on her left cheek shaped like: ± The brand is very large, stretching from just below her earlobe nearly to her chin and as far up as her cheekbone.


Turh grew up in Mor’Dan the daughter of a locksmith. Their family made fairly good money, but Turh was still forced to work from a young age to learn the family trade. Resentful of her childhood of labor, Turh became quite rebellious in her adolescent years and became associated with a group of local thieves and pick-pockets. It did not take long before Turh was caught with these ruffians in the midst of a break-in. Because she was so young the judge decided not to put her in prison where she would likely suffer severe maltreatment, and instead ordered she be marked as a thief and released. The method of marking – a brand on her left cheek.

After Turh’s arrest, her family disowned her leaving her with little more than the clothes on her back. After almost two months of wandering and begging, Turh happened into the community of Jorintiat where the sympathetic members of the Holtroth family offered her a home if she helped on their farm. More than a few years have passed since then, and the Holtroth family has since moved to New Jorintiat, but Turh has come to consider herself at home with them, and has begun putting her old skills as a locksmith to use for the New Jorintiat community.


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