The Serofy Twins

Two young agents of Narikasotho


Nemus and Volia (male and female) are fraternal twins born of Yoten Serofy – or one version of her at least.

Nemus, whose mind is like a child’s, is an easily manipulated sorcerer. He all-but worships Narikasotho, and is convinced that the dragon is on the path to saving the world. Narikasotho saved Nemus’ life from a brain tumor using a combination of medical procedure and magic. Nemus has been deemed incompetent and is now considered a child in custody of the city rather than a criminal awaiting trial.

Volia, appearing to be a few years younger than her twin brother, is a vampire and a ritualist – though she is still a novice in the ritual department. Once captured by the Capital City Guard, Volia willingly traded information about her family, Narikasotho, and other criminals with whom she had worked in the city in return for a promise of more lenient sentencing in light of her cooperation.

The Serofy Twins

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