Quentin Longtooth

Sell-sword, Body Guard, Entrepreneur, Assassin


Quentin Longtooth usually appears to be a tall, well-built orc. He sports several scars and is missing his right eye.


Family Life

Quentin is the third of six children sired by Lektak Longtooth, a chaotic evil goblin of some repute, if for no other reason than his promiscuous behavior within the migrant goblin nation. Below is a list of Quentin’s siblings and half-siblings ordered by age with notes and names of Lektak’s partners.

Birth Year/Current Age Name Mother Race Notes Most Likely Temperment Alignment / Profession
1626 / 32 Gord ♂ Soora, first wife, human Orc helped raise Quentin after Soora’s departure usually helpful. Inherited Soora’s magical bloodline. N, hedge sorcerer
1629 / 29 Shel ♀ Rhea, mistress, human Orc raised by Rhea, knew of parentage from young age friendly CN, barkeep
1630 / 28 Quentin ♂ Soora, first wife, human Orc was Soora’s attempt to make things work with Lektak - CN, sellsword & entrepreneur
1636 / 22 Drux Zeksib, second wife, goblin goblin despises Quentin unfriendly on a good day NE, thug & mercenary
1640 / 18 Ntaz ♀ Zeksib, second wife, goblin goblin most well-adjusted sibling indifferent N, accountant or moneychanger’s scribe
1640 / 18 Zerra ♀ Pel, mistress, 1/4 tiefling human, was married at the time 1/16 tiefling orc treats Quentin like a big brother friendly CN (with good leanings), aspiring “adventurer”

Quentin’s mother Soora left after finding Lektak with yet another mistress, Zeksib – who went on to be Lektak’s second wife. Quentin and Zeksib do not get along.

Soora was a chaotic good bard from the Kahlram, and headed back to the tribal lands. Eventually she remarried and gave birth to another half sister to Quentin (who he knows nothing about.) Quentin’s half-sister’s name is Ayla. She was born in 1638 and is currently 20 years old and works as a horse trainer. She knows about her mother’s secret former life and inherited her mother’s magical bloodline like her half-brother Gord.

Quentin’s father Lektak was chased out of the migrant goblin nation for countless bad deals, shady connections and endless cavorting with women other than his wife. Last Quentin heard Lektak had headed toward the Dark Wood.

Quentin Longtooth

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