Luther Ritter

aka. "Lord Deathwish"


NG Human Bard 6/Adept of Zarek’Hai 4
XP: 45900
HP: 55
AC: 17 (19 with shield)
BAB: + 7/+ 2
Grapple: + 9

Fort: 7
Reflex: 10
Will: 10

STR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 8
CHA: 19

Melodic Casting
Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Combat Expertise
Leadership (9)
Battle Caster
Lyric Spell


Special Abilities:
Trait: Font of Magic
Preferred Skill (Perception)
Bardic Music 6/day

  • Inspire Courage (+1)
  • Fascinate
  • Countersong
  • Suggestion
    Bardic Knowledge + 9
    Detect Evil
    Penance Strike 2/day
    Divine Grace
    Touch of Mercy

Bluff: 8 (2)
Craft (Writing): 6 (1)
Diplomacy: 11 (5)
Know (Arcana): 11 (6)
Know (Religion): 7 (2)
Know (History): 8 (3)
Know (Nobility): 6 (1)
Perform (Artistry): 6 (1)
Perform (Oratory): 15 (9)
Sense Motive: 5 (3)
Spellcraft: 16 (8)
Perception: 7 (5)
Profession (Scholar): 6 (4)
Linguistics: 9 (4)
Disable Device: 6 (1)
Stealth: 6 (2)
Warfare: 5 (3)

(760g Invested)
Cloak of Charisma + 1
Icy Longsword (+ 9, 1d8 + 1d6 + 2, 19-20 x2, S)
Heavy Wooden Shield (+ 2, – 2, 15%)
Mw. Mighty (+ 2) Composite Shortbow (+ 8, 1d6 + 2, x3, 90ft, P)
Gauntlets (+ 7, 1d4 + 2, x2, B)
Masterwork Chain Shirt (+ 4, + 4, – 1)
Nice Clothes
Commoner Clothes
Story Book
Thief’s Tools
Healer’s Kit

0 (3):

  • Prestidigitation
  • Songbird
  • Detect Magic
  • Daze
  • Message
  • Lullaby

1 (4):

  • Silent Image
  • Grease
  • Improvisation
  • Swift Invisibility

2 (4):

  • Whirling Blade
  • Alter Self
  • Glitterdust
  • Suggestion

3 (3):

  • Haste
  • Dispel Magic
  • Slow
  • Glibness

4 (1):

  • Celerity
  • Greater Invisibility

Adept of Zarek’Hai
1 (2):

  • Protection from Evil
  • Bless

2 (2):

  • Divine Insight
  • Bull’s Strength


  • Ending the War
  • His Friends (Especially Zel)
  • Curiosity
  • One God (Especially Zarek’Hai)

Luther was born from the union of a Golirian mother and a Boreen father. He was brought up on tales of honor from both sides of the family and faith in the One True God. It was when he reached puberty that the problems began. Luther was a sorcerer, but not just any sorcerer. Luther seemed to possess magic so powerful as to be uncontrollable. Unsure of what else to do, Luther’s family called on the Ephemeral Path to help him deal with his gift that seemed far more like an affliction.

The Ephemeral Path had a difficult time with Luther. He was a good student, but his power was incredible. Upon noticing Luther’s interest in legends and history, it was a librarian of the Path that finally came upon the solution. Luther was taught to recite his favorite passages while casting, weaving magic into the decidedly non-magical words. While this would be a huge impediment to most casters, it instead slowed down Luther’s magic to the point where it was able to be focused and useable.

Luther returned to his family after graduating from the Ephemeral Path. Having been so deeply effected by history and stories, Luther focused his attention on becoming a writer and storyteller. When the war began brewing, Luther took great pains to get the most truthful information he could. It was shortly after the war officially started that Luther became suspicious of the actions of several parties in the war. He set off for the Nada’Fan in the hopes of one hell of a story.

Luther holds his religion closer to heart than he admits to most company. He worships the One True God with Verick as his primary saint and Tarris and Zarekhai as secondary saints. His beliefs are heavily influenced by Boreen Eagle philosophy.

Prized Possession:
Luther’s prized possession is a family heirloom composite shortbow. The bow is intricately carved with eagle symbolism and is incredibly well crafted. The bow’s age is unknown, but his family had no record or memory of when it was made. Due to the bow being old, composite, and tribal, its use is more difficult than modern bows. This doesn’t cause a mechanical penalty to those unused to the bow as users can generally get the gist of it if they have the necessary strength, but modern (or simply non-tribal) users would generally prefer a different bow.

After the Death of Zel:
The death of one of Luther’s most cherished friends has caused him to, for lack of a better term, harden. After hearing her death referred to as “minimal casualties”, he no longer respects Nathanial, Golir, or any sovereign nation. His anger has begun to settle as a pervading callous pessimism about his future and that of the planet interspersed with bouts of rage or grief. Needless to say, he is not taking the loss well.

The Resurrection of Zel:
More relieved than he perhaps let on, Luther has taken a renewed hope in the future of his mission. After learning that hope may well be the very key to victory, he has returned to an optimistic outlook with a newfound streak of caution. He won’t lose anyone like that again, especially not Zel. Speaking of which, even he was a little surprised at how happy he was to see her again. Maybe Kriefosal’s teasing wasn’t so off base after all… Not every day you meet someone you’re willing to charge a giant for, after all.


Luther Ritter

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