Fofilakt Utkin

Squire to Zelserys Anorallath


Fofilakt is a relatively young dwarf. He wears a full, brown beard and a shaved head with a tattoo of the dwarven phrase “Loyalty is Strength” on the top of his head. He has grey-blue eyes, a light tan to his skin tone, and burn scarring on his face.


Fofilakt Utkin was born in Ptolzi A’Brafnen, the long awaited and only child to his then aging parents. Before Fofilakt was 10, their family left the city and traveled across Kefran to Kiyi-Jini-Antu where they settled. As a result Fofilakt grew up among warriors rather than politicians, and much of what Fofilakt learned as an adolescent was how to do combat, especially in the jungle setting where he lived.

When Fofilakt came of age, he felt an urge to apply his combative skills to some good end and equipped with his father’s sword he began traveling to the Greenlands by way of Leiln. After an altercation with a guardsman in Hargos over the ownership of Fofilakt’s sword, he was detained by a mage and imprisoned until he had the good fortune of meeting Zelserys Anorallath.

Fofilakt now bears severe facial scarring from the fiery breath of Karistal

War History:
Battle for Alsint – Fofilakt participated in front-line fighting for the battle for Alsint, and was the narrow savior of Luther Ritter’s life after he was struck down by Gorimhal.
Battle for Goblin Palace – Fofliakt stood alongside the other defenders of the Goblin Palace against a group of ettins and their accompanying shamans.

Fofilakt Utkin

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