Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Chronic Tentacle Emergence Syndrom

After rescuing Korak, Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, Zelserys Anorallath, Tsara, and company prepare to head back across the Naelic Ocean while Korak continues her search for family in the Greenlands.

However after setting sail, Agamemnon is struck with a strange and sudden case of illness that ends with the regurgitation of a severed tentacle. This precipitates a revealing visit to Narikasotho’s island.

Following said visit, and a brief – but tense – kidnapping encounter involving Lareeclatalmir and Sufaer, Luther, Zelserys, Tsara, Sufaer, and Lareeclatalmir, along with the still technically living body of Idoraksila manage to secure teleports to the Capital City of Golir, planning to travel between the Capital and Dragon’s Throne in efforts to restore Idoraksila.


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Chronic Tentacle Emergence Syndrom

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