Atop the Shoulders of Giants

A Lesson in Military Tactics

After meeting up in Ferncomb, Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, Tsara, and Zelserys Anorallath begin planning to meet up with the remainder of their cohorts and followers, then to proceed with their intentions to free Idoraksila of the bow. However in the process Sufaer is surprise-attacked by a dragon mage. This leads the group to seek shelter on a secluded island, on which they find Prok’tek, then recruit him to help with their plan.

With a large contingent of warriors in tow, the group returns to Lalsim to find the aftermath of an attack on the city and the palace. Without much more than logistical support from the Imperial Admiralty, Agamemnon accepts a mission to sink the flagship of the steel fleet. With this mission also in mind, the group begins setting the final version of their plans.



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