Welcome to Atop the Shoulders of Giants – previously called ‘1658’.

This is the follow-up campaign to Threads of Yarn. It takes place in the same setting, and in the same region of the world, starting about 434 years after the end of the previous game, beginning at the start of the year 1658 by the Nadan Calendar.

The action of the game begins with the first steps of the Empire’s War, readied by high tensions between the Nada’Athi Empire, The Holy States, and the East-Sea Alliance, and sparked by a speech given by High King, Nathanial the Just on the evening of the first full moon of the new year.

The 1658 Speech
- Nathanial the Just

The Summer Blood Speech
- Zhaon Lu Paei

Coronation Speech
- Mrias Elward Tisid

Regency Speech
-Agamemnon Zhang

DM’s AtSoG Playlist: YoutubeLink

Atop the Shoulders of Giants

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