Welcome to Atop the Shoulders of Giants – previously called ‘1658’.

This is going to be the follow-up game to Threads of Yarn. It will take place in the same setting, and in the same region of the world, starting about 434 years later at the beginning of the year 1658 by the Nadan Calendar.

With the advance in time is a necessary advance in culture, technology, and magic, resulting in the addition of new classes, new races, new spells, and new items – along with a great deal of development on cultural and political situations. Furthermore, many of the custom and house rules employed and discussed in Threads of Yarn are going to be reviewed, refined, and committed to stone – as it were.

This means a lot of work will – and already has – gone into trying to get this game and this setting ready to go. Currently the ETA for the game is January 2015, a whole year from now, I know, but hopefully it will be well worth the wait.

In the mean time, players will be invited to the campaign, but asked to restrict their use of the site to the forums until further notice. New races, classes, spells, and game mechanics will be sneak-peaked on the forums of this campaign site for players to review and critique as they like, and as details get nailed down wiki pages on history, culture, and the like will come up for people to start getting an idea of what the world will look like and feel like when the game begins.

The current intention is to have a new forum topic at least once monthly featuring something new for the Threads Setting, with a minimum of 11 such posts before January 2015. That way each one can be given ample time and consideration in the event that anything becomes a significant source of debate. That way when the game is ready to go in 2015 some authoritative printings of the compiled game materials including all custom classes, races, rules, and mechanics can be made for ease of use both in character creation and at-table during game sessions.

Thanks goes out to everyone for their patience, enthusiasm, and consideration, whether past, present, or future.

Atop the Shoulders of Giants

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