The Zahkram tribe is a proud, if wary, people. In the eyes of the other Traenish language tribes, the Zahkram have always been seen as a devious and dishonorable group. Furthermore, during the events of the Planar War the Zahkram were manipulated by corrupt religious leaders and a corrupt chieftess into participating on the side of those forces assailing the mortal realm. When their chieftess was defeated, however, their tribe was given a chance to reform, and in the process it violently purge the remaining adherents to the worship of the Wraith King.

Since the Planar War, the Zahkram tribe has been in a constant struggle to maintain their territory. Though they have been relatively unassailed throughout most of it, the Khalram tribe has been a constant nuisance along their southern border, and elements of several smaller tribes have tried to lay exclusive claim to sections of the Zahkram territory. Furthermore, since the conclusion of the Giant Wars in 1371 there has been an active presence of giants in the foothills that border and bleed into the norther reaches of Zahkram lands.


The current political climate of the Zahkram is a conflicted one. For more than a generation people in the tribe have been urging tribal leadership to negotiate for the addition of the Zahkram to the Confederated Tribes of the Selkir, which has become a strong alliance in the 200 years since its founding. However, factions contrary to allying with the Confederation like to point out that ultimate the military forces of their Selkir neighbors are slim, and will do very little to waylay the forces of the Nada’Athi if they ever field a proper army. Thus many members of the tribe urge tribal leaders to stay as far removed from the Confederacy as possible in order to maintain the ability to excuse themselves from the inevitable conflict.

In light of recent events, relatively small portions of the tribe, usually belonging in part to smaller tribes within the larger Zahkram, have favored a relation with the elves of the Olu Lansi and thus with the Holy States in the hopes that should larger political conflict erupt in the near future, the Zahkram will be able to maintain powerful allies. However, for every person who wants powerful allies to stand beside in the event of a war, there is at least one person who points out that the Holy States are allied with the Khalram, who have been a nuisance and a cold enemy to the Zahkram since well before the Planar War.


The Zahkram tribe has an official faith which all members are required to participate in, which is the veneration of the Wolf in keeping with the traditions of Traenish Mythology. The Wolf is cunning, hunts in packs, and teaches people to use their intellect first when approaching a combat. This has lead many other tribes to see the Zahkram in an unfavorable light due to their use of “underhanded” or “deceitful” battlefield and negotiation tactics. To the Zahkram, however, their ability to trick their enemies is simply one of many reasons why, as the saying goes, “the Wolf leads the pack.”


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