The 1658 Speech

“Quadringenti anni cum plano bellum transierunt! Four hundred years have passed since The Planar War, and oh how the faith and charity of mortals has grown! What were once a people shrouded in ignorance and afflicted by censorship have come to see the truth, the light, and the totality of justice. Here, in these Holy States, we are far from perfection, but we strive daily to achieve it – we strive ever onward toward a noble goal, coming ever closer to that which is the purview of saints.

And it is toward such noble heights that any person should reach, for our efforts are not made in hubris, but in humility. We do not strive in order to be the better, but in order to be bettered. We strive to form a society and a people who have risen above the injustices which have plagued our ancestors, the evils which tempted the people of yore, and the ignorance which blinded those who preceded us – those who so bravely pioneered this path we now walk. These goals we keep, ever in the memory of our mothers and fathers who fell valiantly before the mighty foe.

However, we are but a small portion of the world. We are but these few states, clung together in the pursuit of mutual trade, protection, and faith. We have achieved much in so small a place, and so short a time. Many of those in the Olu Lansi or the Kret Lansi remember the war, remember the darkness that had befallen the minds of mortals, and can attest to the distance we have traveled socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Still, there are many who are beyond our borders, beyond our care, beyond our ability to aid through the application of faith and justice over our own domain.

I say, let no one stand who does not lift up a neighbor as well! For if we stand tall while our neighbors stoop under the burdens of injustice, we are no better than the man who goes back to sleep when he hears his neighbor being robbed in the night.

Our neighbors are not villains. Most of them are merely ignorant, lacking the knowledge and the wisdom from which we benefit, and lacking the ability to gain it. They have never been exposed to the saints, to the One God, or have been told to reject them without consideration by those they trust, so how could they know of the truth and justice that can be found there? Some of these people are obstinate, refusing to accept a truth for what it is, finding more comfort in familiar lies and false justice. These people are not to be hated, but pitied, for they have been drawn in by untruths. But there are some who have been blindfolded. There are some who have been held down by the shackles of lies and censorship, and in the memory of those who rose up and broke the chains which bound our ancestors, I call you as brothers and sisters to help me rise up and break the chains which have bound our neighbors!

The time has come when men and women shall lead the world into the glory of the One True God! As a people, blessed with clarity of vision and true belief, it is a unique capacity, opportunity, and duty which we possess to see the blind given sight, the enslaved set free, and the oppressed given power to rise up against their oppressors! I tell you we will go as agents of greater powers and bring justice where it has been lacking! We shall walk the world to set it free of its bondage! And with an olive branch in the first hand and a shield in the second we shall unite the world in peace, justice, and truth!

Pax Deus!"

- Nathanial the Just
1st Day of the 2nd Moon, 1658

The 1658 Speech

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