Steel Fleet

The Steel Fleet is a navy-for-hire, based out of the island of Hargos in Leiln. The fleet is known for the sizable firepower of its vessels, as well as the sheer number of them. It has been involved in a number of minor conflicts throughout the last 40 years, and is rumored to have been hired to help end the Pirate Wars – by eradicating all the pirates of course.

Because the fleet is a private, for-hire military they always happily fly the flag of their employer whenever applicable, but also are known for flying the Steel Fleet battle standard along side whatever other flag or flags they may be flying so that other members of the Steel Fleet will never fire on another vessel of the fleet.

Steel Fleet Battle Standard

Most recently, the fleet has purportedly been hired by Her Eminence, The Golden Sovereign, Idoraksila, Mother-Queen of the Eastlands as part of a campaign to recapture treasonous fugitives hiding in the Obsidian Isles.

Steel Fleet

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