Setting Rules

One of the main aspects of the Threads setting is its custom rules that make it different from the standard D&D 3.5 setting and rules – set. This page is a compilation of links to miscellaneous rules that do not better fit on other main pages of this wiki – either because the amount of change to the original rules didn’t warrant a major wiki page or because the matter is relatively minor to begin with.

NB: This page will likely remain “under construction” throughout the game development process and will probably not be finalized until very near time for the next game in the setting to begin.


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Battlefield Combat

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Magic Item Crafting

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Base Defense Bonus
Base Defense Bonus is a dodge bonus to armor class that comes from a character’s general combat prowess. The more experienced and trained at combat, the more experience one has dodging blows.

BDB is calculated as 1/3 of a character’s Base Attack Bonus, rounded down. This is a dodge bonus, and thus is lost if the character is flat-footed or immobilized. It is not part of the character’s Dexterity bonus to armor class and is not reduced by the Maximum Dexterity bonus of armor.

Certain feats can increase a character’s Base Defense Bonus.

Mighty Bow Ranges
Bows with Mighty bonuses have an increased base range increment of 10 feet per + 1 strength bonus of the bow.

Critical Hit and Sneak Attack Immunity
The following are the only situations in which a creature is immune to sneak attack damage, critical hits, or similar precision damage.

Precision Damage Immunity
Creature Type Immune? Details (if any)
Aberration Dep. Aberrations w/ stable & discernible anatomy are not immune to precision damage.

Aberrations w/ an unstable or indiscernible anatomy are immune to precision damage.
Construct No
Elemental Yes
Incorporeal Yes Except: when targeted by ghost-touch attacks.
Ooze Yes
Undead No

Setting Rules

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