Religion is a mixed subject in the known world presently. In the 13th century Nadan during the Planar War hosts of celestial and demonic soldiers were fielded on the battlefields of the mortal realms, lending a great deal of bolstered faith and conviction to members of the faith of the One True God and the Saints. Furthermore, accounts surfaced of many heroes of that time having encounters with gods of the Morren and with the Lansi. However, while these account promoted some faiths, the absence of accounts caused a rising doubt and envy in others.

As the following centuries passed between the Planar War and present days the previously occasional influence of divine powers seemed to recede to an even lesser presence than what once had been. The last confirmed Miracle Worker of the faith of the One True God has now long since passed, no single act has been attributed to a member of the Morren for over two hundred years, and purportedly even extremely few goblins who still practice their odd druidic faith report that the Great Spirit seems more distant with every day’s prayers.

The one remaining representation of divine influences is not only remaining, but growing – the Paladins. A mode of operating as divine representatives by dedicating one’s life to a code of strict conduct in exchange for some minor divine powers, orders of Paladins have begun to emerge from nearly every major faith in the known world. But to discuss those in detail is a matter for another time. Here, at last, are the faiths themselves.

One True God
Matron Sisters
Great Spirit
Tsong Neyo
Traenish Mythology


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