Obsidian Blade

The Obsidian Blade is a group of world-renowned assassins based out of the Obsidian Isles. Whenever there is a mysterious killing, there are bound to be rumors that the Obsidian Blade was behind it. In truth, however, they are much more feared than they are truly active.

For decades since the group’s founding in the late 1500’s rumor had it that the Obsidian Blade was a group of government-sanctioned assassins whose agenda was to eliminate opponents to strong trade relations with the Obsidian Isles. However, as time went on it became apparent to even the least informed section of the populace that the murders attributed to these assassins were far from consistent.

Amidst law enforcers it is well known that the Obsidian Blade is known as such specifically for the weapon of choice of its assassins. While they have been known to carry other weapons, an Obsidian Blade assassin always kills their mark with a curved knife made entirely of obsidian. Obsidian being a fragile material, on a few occasions shards of obsidian have purportedly been found still lodged in the fatal wound.

In the history of the organization only 23 assassinations have been officially attributed to the group, many of them of fairly minor nobility or government officials. The Nada’Athi empire has branded the group outlaws, and has made carrying any weapon made of obsidian illegal throughout the empire as a result. Unfortunately, no member of the organization has even been captured alive, and it is a well-known fact that they are trained to be masters of disguise. Hence, very little is known about the organization itself, where among the isles it is based, and who its leaders or members may be.

Recently rumors have begun to arise that the Obsidian Blade has been involved in resistance efforts against the occupation of the Obsidian Isles by the Golirian Navy.

Obsidian Blade

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