Kiyi-Jini-Antu is the largest contiguous nation in the known world (a fact disputed heavily by the nation of Kefran which claims to be slightly larger). The vast majority of the nation lies deep within the Yiji-Antu jungle from which the nation partly draws its name.

Like many nations, the formation of Kiyi-Jini-Antu is a tale of conquest. Before the mid 1500’s the people of Yiji-Antu were divided into more than fifty kingdoms and had frequent – if usually brief – conflicts with one another. However around the year 1530 a king by the name of Queel Ton began a bloody war to put to rest some old rivalries with neighboring kingdoms. Before long most of the jungle was at war, and it was the Kiyi tribe lead by a great queen called Hali Jini who rose to victory. Though it took many years to fully unite the jungle even after the war was over, the nation was officially founded around the year 1550 when the last of antagonistic kingdoms finally succumbed to the might of the Kiyi.

Despite the somewhat violent founding of the current political climate in Kiyi-Jini-Antu, its people tend to lead a mostly peaceful existence – worried much more about the next hurricane than the next war. Due to the rich – though difficult to harness – natural resources of the Yiji-Antu jungle, inhabitants of the region have become very accustomed to trading with foreigners and are known – among other things – as being excellent communicators. The oldest traditions of the people Kiyi-Jini-Antu relate mostly to life in the jungle, and a large number of their common cultural games, stories, and education centers around surviving in the climate. Some of the most noteworthy exports of the jungle are fruits, animals, copper, silver, and iron.

The population of Kiyi-Jini-Antu is more than 99% humans with some small number of Halfling and Gnomish communities dotting is south-western area. There is rumor that somewhere in the nation there also lies a secret village of elves and half-elves, but this has never been confirmed.

Kiyi-Jini-Antu joined the East-Sea Alliance in 1638 when the anti-alliance queen Jikon Yudo died and Koan Muanam, the current aging queen, took her place. Outside of formal political alliances, Kiyi-Jini-Antu is considered to be on very good terms with Golir whose nobles import more than a hundred thousand tonnes of fruits and spices from the Yiji-Antu jungle every year.


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