Is it Legal

Hello and greetings fellow thugs, thieves, sell-swords, and vagabonds! This booklet is a public service that I, Reinald Marin Flest, am providing to the illicit community for a meager profit. Truly, I believe it is better for all of us if we can all be up-to-date on the what sort of things for which you can be fined, imprisoned, lashed, caned, flayed… you get the idea. As it happens, I am a quite traveled individual and have researched (and experienced) the long arm of the law in many of the nations around the Merchant Sea and so I have created this booklet so that you, my fellow dastardly sorts, can benefit from my expertise.

Now, the pages of this booklet don’t address obvious crimes. I’m yet to visit a nation or a city where stabbing someone in their sleep was legal (without being a government-trained assassin) or where taking someone’s coin purse without their knowledge or carrying around forged government identifications was admissible. No, this booklet is to address those things that tend to vary from place to place. Dueling, gambling, prostitution, child labor, rituals, etc.

The following is a quick reference table for the most common questions of legality.

Where an entry is marked “Dep.” the answer depends on complex circumstances, and will be explained later in the booklet.

Entries may also show “Lic.” which indicates that a special certification or license is required.

Entries which show “Circ.” mean the acts can only be taken under very specific circumstances.

Entries which show “Never” mean that law allows the local authorities to prosecute known perpetrators of the act, even if they have never committed the act within that nation. (i.e. if you ever did that and they find out, they will prosecute you.)

Entries which show “N.A.” means there are laws against it, but no one enforces them.

Entries which show “< __g” mean it is legal with values of less than the shown number of gold coins.

Entries which show “??” means this is currently an unknown quantity due to political instability or foreign occupation.

Is it Legal?
Keland Golir Kahlram Olu’Lansi Enchi Nada’Fan Obsidian Isles Sef Kefran Leiln Kiyi-Jini-Antu Ptolzi A’ Brafnen Selkir Confed. Brok’Tad Gnomish Cities Xio-Shin Plokar
Dueling Circ No No No ?? No ?? No N.A. No Yes Yes No No Yes No Circ
Gambling < 10g < 10g Yes N.A. ?? Yes ?? No No Dep. Yes Yes Dep. Yes No < 25g Yes
Prostitution No No No No ?? No ?? No No Lic. Lic. Dep. No No Lic. Dep. No No No
Child Labor No No No No ?? Dep. ?? No No Dep. Dep. Yes No No No No Dep.
Ritual Magic Lic. Lic. Dep. Yes Lic. ?? Yes ?? Lic. Lic. Dep. No N.A. Yes Lic. Dep. Yes Yes Yes

Is it Legal

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