Ephemeral Path

The Ephemeral Path is a society that seeks primarily to educate Sorcerers in how to use their arcane powers. Originally, the group was founded in part as a refuge for outcast Sorcerers that would help them learn to control their natural abilities, but quickly grew into a rights organization for Sorcerers. The Path has its headquarters in the Capitol City in Golir, but has schools in Lisil, Telac’Qi, Nindale, Lalsim, Musai, Huelin, and Vatrum.

At the Path’s headquarters in Capitol City a small, public courtyard tells the history of the Path from its founding just before the Planar War to the present, including life-sized statues of the founders Aleran Vale and Laura Ethier as well as of Magnus Vale – all three of these statues was carved over a hundred years after the Planar War based on written descriptions of the individuals. The courtyard also holds monuments for each school in the form of small statues of the buildings made to 1/100th scale of the real article.

The Ephemeral Path is fairly well recognized for the quality of its education, and though it is not the only group who has organized schools for Sorcerers, it is by far the largest and the most famous.

Internal Matters

Unlike many schools of magic, especially those whose curriculum is based on a more traditional, wizard-focused method, the Path is known for having an incredible degree of independent and small-group time with mentors – a fact that is achieved through tutoring from more advanced students. In general the student / faculty structure is as follows.

Initiate Student – Taught by Advanced Students, who are Supervised by Professors

Advanced Student – Taught by Professors

Professors – Graduates of the Program or Similarly Educated full-time Employees

In terms of full-time members of the Path there are two real positions. Guides and Professors. Professors are responsible for the operation of the schools in varying degrees. Some merely teach a select number of students, others are deeply involved in administrative functions as well. The head of each school is the First Professor with the appointed Second Professor being their lieutenant in case of absence or emergency. Guides, on the other hand, are responsible for managing students. This means finding and enticing prospective students, advertising services to the public, staying abreast of political developments that may effect the organization and its students, and even helping students secure employment after their graduation. The head of the entire Ephemeral Path is referred to as the First Guide.

Nominally the Ephemeral Path does not seek a profit, but it does charge a small tuition fee (occasionally supplemented by scholarship funds) and never seems to be at a loss for money when it comes time for expansion.

Ephemeral Path

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