Cult of Legacy

This fairly small group, composed primarily of humans, is dedicated to the protection of the sword Legacy, a powerful magical item created by the smith Odewyn Werner in preparation for the Planar War. The cult occupies a small town called Refton a short ways east of Dragon Throne in the kingdom of Keland. Rumors claim that the cult holds vast vaults below the town that contain large amounts of accumulated gold and other magical items in addition to Legacy itself. Rumors also tell of secret rites and rituals that cult members undergo to gain mystic powers.

In truth the Cult is much less secretive than popular opinion makes it seem. It is true that the cult does not allow non-members (and does not allow members below a certain station) into the vaults, and it is true that they practice rituals that are not well known elsewhere, but their vault restrictions are kept for security and their rituals aren’t practiced elsewhere because most places find that they carry too heavy a cost.

One of the few facts that aligns with rumor is that each leader of the cult attempts to learn a ritual that uses one’s own soul as a source of power with which to enchant items, and if able to master the ritual uses it on Legacy, further increasing the power and knowledge of the sword. Rumor further tells that the ritual is said to infuse some part or copy of the soul into the item, and that after 400 years with several successful rituals having been performed over it, Legacy is said to speak to anyone who touches it in a chorus of voices.

Entrance to the cult is very difficult and requires proving that you possess a meaningful skill or knowledge that you can bring to the cause as well as passing a test of intentions. It is said that the cult even employes diviners for some of the parts of its entrance tests.

Cult of Legacy

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