Coronation Speech

Today, in the wake of the most terrifying attack on our nation thus far in this war, I am crowned High King. I have every hope that I will fulfill the duties of this title – duties of protection, duties of support, duties of leadership.

The late Nathanial once told me “There is no justice in war, and it is a sad time indeed when the prospects of war present the opportunity to endure a lesser injustice than the prospects of peace.” I believe that it was with this wisdom in his hear that my brother entered into the conflict which has now claimed his life, and it is with that same wisdom that I have the opportunity to reconsider that conflict.

I vow to you, the people of the Holy States, that it will be my solemn mission as High King to see this war brought to a peaceful close. I cannot undo what has already been done, I cannot presume to know better now than any of us knew when this war began, and rest assured that I will not lay down this nation to its enemies in the name of peace – but I will not let this violence persist unnecessarily.

I will see that the rule of Enchi is put to the will of its people so that they may establish a government of their own for the first time in over a thousand years. I will see that the Obsidian Isles are returned to a state of peace. I will see that the bounty which has been issued on the lives of our officers – this bounty that targets those brothers, daughters, husbands, fathers, mothers, sisters, sons, and wives of ours who give their lives to defend the liberties and the lifestyles that we enjoy – I will see it rescinded and I will see to it that no family goes without recognition for the loved ones they have lost in this conflict.

But to do all of this, I will require assistance – for I am but one person, and I am limited. It is my intention to form a parliament in these Holy States, with members elected from every region of these lands, charged to advise me on the will and the needs of the people so that I may better lead them. It is my hope that with the voice of the people so close at hand that I may measure up to the standard set by my brother, and my father and mother before him.

Thank you, and may the saints guide us.

- Marias Elward Tisid
9th day of the 9th month of 1658

Co-written by Marias Elward Tisid and Luther Ritter

Coronation Speech

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