Chasm Kobolds

After the events of the Planar War the Darkscale Kobold tribe eventually migrated into one of the only parts of the Chasm that was not riddled with holes from the huge demon worms – the abandoned Dwarven city, Ptoril Dzarfen. From this location they focused their efforts in the coming years with fostering lucrative trade relations with their human, elven, and gnomish neighbors, and with rebuilding their population.

By the year 1288 the Kobolds had been recognized as a sovereign nation by representatives of Golir, Kret Lansi, and Enchi, and despite protests from leaders of the The Gnomish Cities – who contended that the kobolds had been a protectorate of theirs – eventually the Darkscale clan became a recognized, if small, entity in the scheme of international politics.

Unfortunately, in the late 1300’s a civil war broke out between factions of the Darkscale clan over issues of expansionism and clan identity. Mining and construction efforts throughout the preceeding century had restored the usefulness of much of Ptoril Dzarfen, and had replaced many of the murals with depictions of kobolds building a new, cohesive clan. However, in this time significant veins of gold were found that had the potential to make the clan very rich, and in the turmoil of deciding what to do with the money many old clan rivalries re-surfaced and tore the community apart.

Sarehs, the vampiric Itchil elf who had been deemed “King of Kobolds” for his actions as their savior and protector during the Planar War stood aside, unable to reconcile himself with aiding either side of the conflict. When it was all said and done, the re-formed Hardscale clan held control of Ptoril Dzarfen while the remaining Kobolds, mostly of descent from the Dark Ones clan, filtered downward to The Gnomish Cities for lack of any more viable option.

Those Kobolds who retreated to the Gnomish Cities, however, were turned away and found themselves instead settling in the remains of the caverns which the Itchil had once occupied, a fact that eventually drew Sarehs to join them there as part of the newly formed Free Ones clan.

In present times both kobold clans have flourished relatively speaking, the Hardscale prospering from their discovery of rich gold veins, and the Free Ones by creating a close relationship with the city of Svirin as its most common source of hard-to-find plant and animal products – particularly the sort one must hunt for in the dangerous caverns and tunnels of The Chasm.

Chasm Kobolds

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