Tag: Xio-Shin


  • Lan Fi

    Lan Fi is a relatively small city positioned on the southern banks of the Gi Dan river, about a 2 day's ride east from the southern Judicial Capital of Goruna. The population of Lan Fi is barely more than a 5 or 6 thousand, but because of its position …

  • Tao Min Zhao

    The eldest child of the Zhao family, Tao Min has reached moderate accomplishment in his young age. He has graduated with high marks from the Military Academy, and married Li Go Wan whose family controls a fairly small portion of the traditional Zhao lands …

  • Nuo "The Spade"

    Nuo is a vagabond and an dealer in illegal weapons. What he is aside from that is uncertain, though, as he is also either an excellent liar, a fantastic comedian, or both. One thing is certain, however, which is that he can be easily motivated by money.

  • Hao Li Shin

    Hao Li Shin is a human man in his 6th decade, and who holds his family's seat on the ruling council of the city of [[:lan-fi]]. Though the city is small, Hao Li manages to very effectively wield the council's power throughout much of the surrounding area, …