Tag: Ship


  • Oenira

    The Oenira is a premier scouting vessel in the Nada'Athi navy. The ship is of a unique and revolutionary design which affords it exceptional speed when operated by an experienced and coordinated crew. The Oenira is built for speed with a long narrow …

  • Korreandos

    The Korreandos' home port is Lalsim, though it's owner and captain [[:amir-am-tufira]] has sailed it all across the Merchant Sea from the [[Obsidian Isles]] and the [[Selkir Confederacy]] all the way to the island of [[Hargos]] in [[Leiln]]. *Captain:* …

  • Antali

    The Antali is currently owned by [[:quentin-longtooth]], however it was purchased, along with supplies and wages for the crew, with money that was loaned to Quentin by [[:belik-halfhand-selkrat]]. *Captain:* Quentin Longtooth *Acting Captain:* Imoia

  • Miramua

    The Miramua was bought, renamed, and refitted by [[:mira-of-antanu]] at a small port on the north side of [[Hargos]]. It was then captured by the defending [[:antali]] and is now in the possession of [[:quentin-longtooth]].