Tag: Idoran Sovereignty


  • Tosholdrak

    The prideful Counselor of the Blade to Her Eminence, The Golden Sovereign, Idoraksila, Mother-Queen of The Eastlands. Tosholdrak successfully negotiated the surrendering of the Obsidian Isles to the Idoran Soverignty from the Holy States in exchange …

  • Idoraksila

    "Ghost" of Idoraksila, though having forgotten her life. When her body was re-visited more than 3 years after her purported death, the body had not reverted to its natural draconic shape, and appears to be slowly deteriorating under the ravages of time …

  • Nolirakrath

    An honorable and kind-hearted woman, Nolirakrath is the operational leader of the forces of the [[Idoran Sovereignty]] in the [[Obsidian Isles]].