Atop the Shoulders of Giants

A Winter Wedding

On the 9th day of the 2nd month of 1658, the Zhao gathered with their family and friends to celebrate the wedding of Tao Min Zhao and Li Go Wan.

Despite the recent declarations of war by several foreign powers against each other, the gathering is expected to be a joyous and peaceful affair.

Tao’s younger sister Mei Li, a young woman of marriageable age, prepares to spend the day avoiding the subject of finding a suitor and generally trying to keep herself entertained without being too exceptionally rude to her family’s guests. Little does she realize how powerfully this day will effect her future and the future of her family.

A Friendly Investigation

Hoping to discover the deeper reasons behind the recent declarations of war, Luther Ritter travels to Lalsim and seeks the chance to speak with various members of the Univeristy Politic and Imperial Advisors.

Unfortunately for him, sometimes asking too many questions can be a dangerous proposition in the world’s largest empire.

The Battle of Tulan's Pass (Part 1)

After experiencing what passes for criminal trials in the Nada’Fan, both Luther Ritter and Wen Nassira find themselves conscripted into military service for the Nada’Athi Empire.

Meanwhile Quentin Longtooth purchases passage on a ship across the Merchant Sea after hearing that the Nada’Fan is the place with the highest prices for sell-swords at the moment.

All three of them end up bound for the southern mountains to do battle with the armies of Kefran… whether they like it or not.

To Preserve a People

With the announcement of war between the Holy States and the Nada’Athi Empire, the young druid Kurika turns her efforts from proselytizing about the Great Spirit to trying to save the primarily Goblin and Orc town of Jorintiat from being caught in the cross fire. Whether or not she can move quickly enough and carefully enough to succeed, however, is yet to be seen.

The Mockingbird and Friends

Zelserys Anorallath and her brother Tialis join the Golirian Army in its march to Ackerly to further defend the border with Enchi. However unlike the majority of their comrades, they are assigned as to act as personal guards for an accompanying noble woman and famous duelist, the young Duchess Maesra Naimi of Hramn.

However, it slowly becomes apparent that the Duchess may not be the only one whose safety is a pressing concern.

Spies and Sailors

Agamemnon Zhang is assigned to a secret mission for the Nada’Athi navy. However, issues of secrecy are the least of the dangers that await him and the Oenira.

The Battle of Tulan's Pass (Part 2)

After seeing what came of a group of conscripts who attempted to escape via smuggling – as well as having an almost heart-wrenching interview with the enemy – Luther, Quentin, and Wen decide that perhaps they are better off elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Luther continues his investigation – still looking for clues about what the true catalyst for the war could have been, even as the picture it paints begins to look increasingly bleak.

No Place Like Home

In an effort to save the town of Jorintiat from the impending danger of clashing armies, Kurika leads close to 300 people on a nearly month-long march across northern Enchi in the hope of settling new homes in time to plant crops for the new season. Much to the frustration of her people, however, avoiding danger – both on the road and in settling a new home – proves much more difficult than expected.

The Battle of Lisil (Part 1)

After dealing with what they thought were the last of the Nada’Athi assassins in their midst, Golirian and Itchil forces, joined by significant reinforcements from the province of Lisil, ready themselves to meet the enemy army about a day’s march southeast of the provincial capital. When General Ananth is poisoned, however, Zelserys Anorallath and her brother are forced to take command of a small group of Golirian soldiers in order to defend against the enemy assault.

Dangerous Allies

Agamemnon Zhang sets off on another secret mission aboard the Oenira. Only captain Fuli Tiyaca knows the true destination of their voyage, and only he knows the dangerous ally that awaits them there.


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