Atop the Shoulders of Giants

A Series of Announcements
Some scarier than others...

Sana Roshan returns to Dragon’s Throne to complete the transition of Golshan into its new body. Following the successful golem enchantment, an announcement is made that leads to Golshan being given a formal introduction before an assembled group of Dragon’s Throne nobility. Two days later, an announcement is made in the Captial City of Golir which leads to Golshan being given a formal introduction before the assembled Golir Tower of Mages as well as a number of attendants from the capital’s local noble families.

Finally, on the 8th day of the 9th moon’s waning in the year 1658, it is announced from the balcony of the Golirian Royal palace to a crowd of hundreds that High King Marias is affianced to Sana Roshan, who is introduced to the crowd as “…the future queen of the Holy States.”

A Hare-Brained Scheme
Rise of Strahd!

Quentin Longtooth, Zelserys Anorallath, Luther Ritter, Sana Roshan, Kurika, and company go about trying to both prepare for impending ettin assault(s) and determine who resides in each of the Spirit Orbs.

And in a cruel twist of fate the immaculate horror and soul-crushing power of the all-mighty Strahd is released upon the world. All will kneel before Strahd and cry out in despair as the true futility of mortal existence is revealed unto them.

"If you take your pants off you get an intimidate bonus"
"... and - 2 to disguise checks"

Agamemnon Zhang continues his efforts to bring the Obsidian Isles under Nada’Athi rule, despite changing circumstances…


Luther, Sana, Quentin, Zelserys, Elissan, and Fofilakt finally arrive at the palace of the goblin queen, where they meet either a wolf that turns into a woman, or a woman that turns into a wolf, and negotiate to help investigate some magical matters and aid int he defense of New Jorintiat in exchange for the retrieval of the item they seek.

However things become very strange when the woman returns from the palace a bit… different.

Encounters in the Dark Woods
... and some Capital City politics

On the first day of open court by Marias Elward Tisid, an ambassador of the Idoran Sovereignty approached the court, and made several demands in secret.

In the mean time, Quentin Longtooth, Zelserys Anorallath, Luther Ritter, and accompaniment trek into the Dark Woods, and encounter Guardian after doing battle with a warg hunting party.

The Fall of the 5th Enchi Infantry

After meeting the southern segment of the Golirian forces in Enchi, Kurika ran into a strange woman while out camping for the night. By steps, Kurika agreed to first provide intelligence to, and second aid in the operations of, the East Golirian Push to the end of eliminating the leadership of the Nada’Athi loyalists in Gulorn.

Actual Regicide

After a race on the high seas to defend an imperial ship bearing cargo critical to a secret mission, Agamemnon Zhang is forced to take up the delivery of the cargo and eventually part of the mission itself.

Session featuring appearances by: Narikasotho; Karistal; Zhaon Lu Paei; and the Golden Bolt

The Second Coming of Zelserys Anorallath

Hoping that they can return her to life, Luther Ritter brings the body of Zelserys Anorallath to the Cult of Legacy where he unexpectantly reunites with Sana Roshan. Through the use of the Rod of Borrowed Time Zelserys is revived. In the interim Zelserys becomes the first person to visit Paradise, and meets Birik. Once she is revived, however, the three confer on what next steps to take, and make a move to the palace of Dragon’s Throne for their first task.

Popular Demand

Leaving the political fate of New Jorintiat largely in the hands of its other citizens, Kurika frees some slaves, calls due a blood debt, and seems to more or less completely forget about whatever it was she originally meant to be doing.

That’s probably fine though, her town has an ent for a mayor now…?

Attempted Regicide's the "attempted" part that's important...

After making some poor tactical decisions, Quentin Longtooth finds out just how easy it is to make people like you when you convince them you’re a tool (or at the very least, more useful with your fine motor skills intact).


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