Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Shipping Dead People

After defending the port of Hargos from a mid-night invasion, the crew and passengers on the Oenira continue their season-long trip to the Greenlands. Once in the Greenlands, they discover that the timing of their arrival may have been more fortuitous than they expected.

Eye for an Eye

When a mercenary arrives at New Jorintiat on a mission to kill Kurika, she has to pull out all the stops, but manages to take him with her… maybe more literally than she hoped.


Amidst the readying of the Golirian political community to create a new, parliamentary body of government, a team of Nada’Athi-loyal wizards are caught casing the Golirian palace for a violent act of mass murder which they intended to frame none other than Sana Roshan for organizing. Less than a week later, Molaen Saldrot, an apprentice with over two years’ tenure in the Golirian tower of mages, is found to be a Kefran spy. Saldrot’s capture is credited in large part to the vigilence and quick thinking of the visiting scholar and Hardscale Clan member, Prok’tek.

Short days later, Sana receives word that Odewyn Blackwell has fallen terribly ill, and along with Tidiolkras helps him perform the ritual that will give his contribution to Legacy.

Fastest Human Alive
... Somehow

Agamemnon Zhang, captaining the Oenira, transports his sisters, Jorimun, and many of the mercenaries who helped free the Obsidian Isles back in the Nada’Fan. Then in the company of Zelserys Anorallath, Luther Ritter, and company proceeds eastward to visit Narikasotho on the way to the Greenlands. On their journey the ship encounters a massive storm that threatens to shipwreck the Oenira, and in the process, Agamemnon learns what it’s like to fly at the speed of hurricane force winds. Miraculously the ship suffers no casualties, and stays more or less afloat.

Opportune Introductions

Arriving in Capital City to make a proposition of services to the crown, Prok’tek meets a number of notable figures around the palace, including the fascinating Golshan.

Safety Procedures are for the Weak
Good Thing we Made Some...

After Jibril successfully begins to manifest druidic magic under her tutelage, Kurika is visited by an entity claiming to be a messanger of the Great Spirit who teaches Kurika a ritual of last rights, and gives Kurika a tome of rituals. Almost two months of research an experimentation later, Kurika must decide what to do with these gifts.

"Shape-changing lizard-people control the worlds governments!"

Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, and Zelserys Anorallath lay, incubate, and hatch a plan to hopefully deescalate the tensions in the Obsidian Isles.

In It for the Long Haul

Quentin Longtooth coordinates with Mira of Antanu and Maean Ti’Kaln to put together a plan that can hopefully out last an era.

30 Days a Pilgrim

Kurika travels northern Enchi for about a month, spreading the faith and familiarizing herself with the land, and its people – slowly becoming a recognizable local figure in the process.

There are some good looking clowns!

Sana Roshan, arranges a meeting with Narikasotho, hoping to find grounds for peace, inviting Zelserys Anorallath and Luther Ritter to attend with her.

Meanwhile, Agamemnon Zhang continues to stand in the narrowing distance between a rock and a hard place, until blockade runners Luther Ritter and Zelserys Anorallath arrive with their entourage in the Isles, unwittingly accelerating the looming threat of confrontation.


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