Atop the Shoulders of Giants

The Hollow Globe Theory

When Maesra Naimi of Hramn receives word that her family’s home has been broken into, and something was stolen from the inside of a lead-lined globe, she, Zelserys Anorallath, and Kriefosal set out to find out what it could be, and where it could be taken / who could have taken it.

Money Money Money Knife

After successfully defeating an attack by “Privateers”, Quentin Longtooth finds himself in possession of a second ship, and ever-increasing business prospects. However, some may question his hiring policies…

"So, do we live?"

With the help of Eanid, Luther Ritter and Sana Roshan discover the true intentions and alliances of Naimi, then promptly begin to live every moment in fear of imminent death as they race to safety and to pass on what they have learned to those with more power to act on it.

Vivere Oenira

Assigned to continue in his post as Acting Captain of the Oenira, Agamemnon Zhang is ordered to start seeding resistance in the Obsidian Isles against the Golirian occupation, and to deliver payment to a particular mercenary. To this end, Shu Fen is assigned “to the Oenira” to help complete the first of their two missions, and six unhappy conscripts are ordered to stay on with the ship indefinitely.

It begins to seem that an assignment to the Oenira is as assignment until death, and as continues to become more and more apparent, sailing the Merchant Sea in this time of war means death is never far away.

Counting Corpses

When Scar and her pack discover an ancient, Dwarven ruin beneath their new den, Kurika agrees to remove the undead which infest it in exchange for the riches which lie within. Unfortunately, the danger involved in this task is exceptional, and forces Kurika to pace herself.

In the mean time, Kurika as representative of New Jorintiat hires Nima Kal to oversee construction of a new town hall, and possibly many future projects as well.

Reunions and Business

Quentin Longtooth sails to Port First in Enchi, hoping to meet with the Grand Merchant and establish the northern side of his developing business ventures. However, in the midst of everything he is interrupted by trying to deal with his unfriendly half-brother Drux.

Fuck the War

Luther Ritter and Sana Roshan board the Korreandos under captain Amir Am’Tufira, bound for the city of Vatrum on the island of Hargos. Through the coming weeks on the high seas, and attempting to pass with minimal peril through dangerous waters, a consensus seems to form among the ship’s passengers and its crew, expressed pointedly in the words of the good captain. “Fuck the war…”

Oenira Eternum

After surviving some very dangerous encounters on the open sea, Agamemnon Zhang must make the right decision in order to keep the Oenira form falling into enemy hands.

Staking a Claim

As the threats of Ettin and Warg attacks increase, Kurika begins to see that perhaps neither group is the true threat in the Dark Woods. Furthermore, as New Jorintiat settles, it becomes the target of some clearly ill-advised local criminals.

The Battle of Lisil (Part 2)

After an attempt at assassinating the leadership of the enemy army ends in the slaughter of 2 golirian soldiers, and the maiming of Kriefosal, the Nada’Athi forces offer to retreat and negotiate for peace if the Golirians turn over Maesra Naimi of Hramn. Naturally, starting from that premise, it seems negotiations don’t go very far, and Zelserys finds herself caught in yet another massive battle before the day is out.


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