Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Maybe She Should Take Up Underwater Basket Weaving

Unsure what to do with The Goblin Child, and the recent mysteries of the Dark Woods, Kurika returns to the day-to-day management of New Jorintiat. Of course, said “management” includes creating thousands of square feet of protective, thorny thickets, doing battle with unusually large predators, and traveling to the nearby city of Gulorn to negotiate for, and also spend, more money than she really knows what to do with.

Orc vs Beast, Orc vs Nature, Orc vs Human
When your problems come in waves...

Quentin Longtooth encounters three major obstacles to his operations, each more serious than the last.

So, We Met the Neighbors...

After having effectuated multiple prison breaks in the last 72 hours, Agamemnon Zhang and his resistance force return to their base of operations, where things start moving quite quickly for them, especially after mount Holuruana erupts on the island of Nuanaia. In the course of the events that follow, Agamemnon finds himself in confrontation with a Ninja who he subsequently captures then lets off with a stern lecture.

Tracing Threads

Discovering the true purpose and history of The The Prismatic Shroud, Zelserys Anorallath and her entourage travel to the Capitol of Golir to deliver the news of its whereabouts to Nathanial the Just. They meet Luther Ritter, and Sana Roshan in the process, and quickly their work becomes extensive research into the work and history of Narikasotho and Karistal, and any topic related to The Prismatic Shroud.

Too Close for Comfort

Quentin Longtooth gets a couple experiences in and near the city of Port First in what it means to try to be a neutral party in a war zone.

The Court Will Not Entertain Hypotheticals
or: Why You Should Never Bet Against a Zhang

After receiving a thorough reprimand for submitting a bold requisition order, Agamemnon Zhang returns to the Obsidian Isles with little more than some crossbows, some maps, and an assassin to stir up revolution. In the proceeding days it begins to seem that luck itself has sided with him.

An Unusual Birth
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

After receiving a vivid dream, Kurika rushes to prevent one or more imminent disasters and searching for the child of whom she dreamt.

No Compromise, No Surrender

Zelserys Anorallath, along with her companions, is captured by a pair of powerful enemies, and imprisoned. Joining forces with the other prisoners, they strive to take control of their own fates back from their captors.

A Motley Crew

Now ready to turn his attention to disrupting the occupation of the Obsidian Isles, Agamemnon Zhang assembles an unusual group of recruits from among his crew to accompany him onto land and begin the resistance.

We Need a Wizard

Kurika and Coenbalt Orisalmi continue excavating the dwarven ruins beneath Scar’s den, at a great deal of risk to their personal safety. As the process continues it becomes abundantly clear that they require the aid of someone with more knowledge of magic than themselves to help unravel the mysteries within and confirm that the dangers have been resolved.


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