Atop the Shoulders of Giants


Agamemnon Zhang is nearly killed, then captured by the Golirian occupiers of the Obsidian Isles. With little hope of escape, he endures almost a week of starvation and torture at the hands of a callous ritualist before finally making an opportunity for himself and narrowly succeeding in an escape.

Mr. Quentin goes to Lalsim

After helping Belik “Halfhand” Selkrat secure a treaty with Nathanial the Just that is favorable to the Goblin Nation, Quentin Longtooth sets out on an incredibly dangerous mission in the heart of the Nada’Athi empire. How long will his plan survive before blowing up in his face? Only time will tell.

Capital Noir
Dredging up the scum of the captial

Sana Roshan takes it on herself to help Sim Golchild, the imperial investigator looking into the dragon-related incidents in the Capital City. Together they piece together one bizarre clue after another until it’s time to call in the cavalry.

He Died a Hero

Kurika decides after some deliberation to help Bjolum Gotrind with his quest in the city of Taimol in northern Enchi if he first helps her deal with the threats to New Jorintiat. Neither of their plans go exactly as hoped, but there is no doubt they have altered the tide of the war.

A Tale of Blades, Bombs, and Dragons

Someone broke into a lot of buildings near the Haven of Amranthine Luminance.

Someone killed the high priest of Tarris and stole his magic amulet.

Someone set a bomb near a public building.

Kriefosal found Someone walking down the street with a bloodied sword.

Luckily for her, so did Luther Ritter, Zelserys Anorallath, Fofilakt Utkin and Elissan.

Later that night, Nathanial the Just and several of his knights and wizards paid a visit to Narikasotho’s apartment in Capital City.

The results of these encounters are two red dragon corpses and a lot of burn victims. Is the threat of the dragons eliminated? No one seems convinced. Are at least two powerful draconic enemies of the Holy States slain? Yes.

Luther, Are you Lonely?

Luther Ritter, Zelserys Anorallath, and Sana Roshan begin putting into action a confidence game with the most dangerous mark they could pick. And as the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone goes to jail and someone else faces off with a 400-year-old homicidal dragon in the open streets.

Also, has Luther found life-long companionship?
Depends who you ask.

Solve a Problem, Find a Problem

Some weeks are more complicated than others, especially when you’re Quentin Longtooth.

And Then the Cavalry Showed Up

Agamemnon Zhang tries to keep out of sight without neglecting his numerous appointments.

Of Love and Commerce

Kurika tries to balance personal matters against the ever-lingering needs of New Jorintiat for pro-active leadership – with some success. However as summer begins in earnest, news of recent events and events soon to come lay a number of major decisions at Kurika’s feet.

Today rolled a Natural 1.
A.K.A. "TIFU - I accidentally the plot."

Il giorno della follia (The Day of Madness).

Blindness becomes the state of being for Archmage Karmi Yusnof, The Prismatic Shroud becomes destroyed over Capital City in the heart of Golir, havoc is wreaked by Prism in the city below, the option to accept departure in the company of Narikasotho and Karistal is taken by the Secret of Darkness, and Zelserys Anorallath becomes shot by Nathanial the Just.

Also there was some guy with wings who tried to fight some dragons, and this other lady who started working on “sit, stay, good madness-inducing-apocalyptic-creature-of-indeterminate-origin-and-nature” with Prism.


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