Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Actual Regicide

After a race on the high seas to defend an imperial ship bearing cargo critical to a secret mission, Agamemnon Zhang is forced to take up the delivery of the cargo and eventually part of the mission itself.

Session featuring appearances by: Narikasotho; Karistal; Zhaon Lu Paei; and the Golden Bolt

The Second Coming of Zelserys Anorallath

Hoping that they can return her to life, Luther Ritter brings the body of Zelserys Anorallath to the Cult of Legacy where he unexpectantly reunites with Sana Roshan. Through the use of the Rod of Borrowed Time Zelserys is revived. In the interim Zelserys becomes the first person to visit Paradise, and meets Birik. Once she is revived, however, the three confer on what next steps to take, and make a move to the palace of Dragon’s Throne for their first task.

Popular Demand

Leaving the political fate of New Jorintiat largely in the hands of its other citizens, Kurika frees some slaves, calls due a blood debt, and seems to more or less completely forget about whatever it was she originally meant to be doing.

That’s probably fine though, her town has an ent for a mayor now…?

Attempted Regicide's the "attempted" part that's important...

After making some poor tactical decisions, Quentin Longtooth finds out just how easy it is to make people like you when you convince them you’re a tool (or at the very least, more useful with your fine motor skills intact).

The Battle of Eraza
... so many explosions...

Agamemnon Zhang and the other resistance forces target the small town of Eraza, a major port for supply shipments to the Golirian forces in the Obsidian Isles. Two ambushes, some unexpected reinforcements, and a riotous mob of local resistance sympathizers later the battle is over.

The Battle for Alsint
"YOU wake up... unfortunately YOU don't."

Luther Ritter, Zelserys Anorallath, and company find themselves caught in Alsint as the city is besieged by the army of The Afflicted, lead by four frost giants. As a compromise between the council and Razim, Zelserys Anorallath is appointed City Commander to lead the defense of the city. The siege lasts about a week, with most of the assailing force’s tactics successfully thwarted by clever use of mortars and grease spells. Finally, the leaders of the two forces, Zelserys and Gorimhal agree to do single combat to avoid greater loss of life.

Zelserys dies. The city is surrendered and evacuated.

"I am so sorry that I accidentally an anime."

Things heat up in Jin Tao as Agamemnon Zhang and his crew continue to fight the Golirian occupation. The situation finally comes to a head when the Golirians set an ambush for Zhang and his group, leaving at least 2 dead and one missing in action.

Oh, yeah, and then the Secret of Darkness showed up.

Executive Liabilities

Someone kills six members of the Lu Paei family in their home in the imperial palace in Lalsim. A seventh member, Minh Lu Paei, is missing, presumed dead. The closest remaining familial tie to the sitting empress is a third cousin. The people of the empire begin to wonder, if the empress dies… who will sit on the throne next?

What's that smell?
Fuck, now I have to cast Identify on the baby.

Kurika returns to New Jorintiat and finds herself investigating several mysteries with only partial conclusions. As the year continues it becomes apparent that the village will soon be faced with a possibly difficult decision.

Keeping Secrets

After spending some time working on learning how to speak to the friendly, local madness-inducing-phenomenon , Sana Roshan made some discoveries that inspired a hasty retreat from Captial City for her and her new friend, the Secret of Sensation.


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