Atop the Shoulders of Giants

30 Days a Pilgrim

Kurika travels northern Enchi for about a month, spreading the faith and familiarizing herself with the land, and its people – slowly becoming a recognizable local figure in the process.

There are some good looking clowns!

Sana Roshan, arranges a meeting with Narikasotho, hoping to find grounds for peace, inviting Zelserys Anorallath and Luther Ritter to attend with her.

Meanwhile, Agamemnon Zhang continues to stand in the narrowing distance between a rock and a hard place, until blockade runners Luther Ritter and Zelserys Anorallath arrive with their entourage in the Isles, unwittingly accelerating the looming threat of confrontation.

Lets go be Bad Guys

Quentin Longtooth makes some major unlife decisions, and brings Maean Ti’Kaln, Mira of Antanu and Imoia along for the ride.

I for one welcome our new draconic overlords...

Agamemnon Zhang meets one new face, then Content Not Found: idroaksila, then one or two more. Then is carefully positioned between a rock and a hard place and told to pick.

Rituals, Golems, Weddings, Oh my!

Lord Deathwish and Lady Deathwish make their way back to Kret Lansi and Capital City, where they report to various religious and political leaders about their summer activities and finish some projects. Kriefosal and Karmi Yusnof receive ritual-enchanted prosthetics, a golem body for Saricel (Orb) is all but completed, and on the 11th day of the 10th month of 1658, Sana Roshan marries Marias Elward Tisid, becoming High Queen of the Holy States.

The wedding quickly becomes the most popular topic of gossip all over the holy states both for having been co-officiated by a priest of saint Rafik beside a priest of one of the Morren, Suraya Roshan, and for having raised roughly 40,000 gold in funds and goods to be put toward helping refugees of the war.


Kurika and Quentin Longtooth debate at length what to do about the ettin presence in the Dark Woods. After much discussion, and allowing a prisoner to leave, they are able to meet with the Great Shaman of the ettins and come to an understanding – if a somewhat tense one.

Kurika thereafter learns a bit more about recent events and some “neighbors” to the north-west when she meets Valtramoris Olin hunting ettins in the Dark Woods. And Quentin learns a bit more about his condition and what sort of existence he can look forward to in the long-term when he speaks with Daphne.

A Series of Announcements
Some scarier than others...

Sana Roshan returns to Dragon’s Throne to complete the transition of Golshan into its new body. Following the successful golem enchantment, an announcement is made that leads to Golshan being given a formal introduction before an assembled group of Dragon’s Throne nobility. Two days later, an announcement is made in the Captial City of Golir which leads to Golshan being given a formal introduction before the assembled Golir Tower of Mages as well as a number of attendants from the capital’s local noble families.

Finally, on the 8th day of the 9th moon’s waning in the year 1658, it is announced from the balcony of the Golirian Royal palace to a crowd of hundreds that High King Marias is affianced to Sana Roshan, who is introduced to the crowd as “…the future queen of the Holy States.”

A Hare-Brained Scheme
Rise of Strahd!

Quentin Longtooth, Zelserys Anorallath, Luther Ritter, Sana Roshan, Kurika, and company go about trying to both prepare for impending ettin assault(s) and determine who resides in each of the Spirit Orbs.

And in a cruel twist of fate the immaculate horror and soul-crushing power of the all-mighty Strahd is released upon the world. All will kneel before Strahd and cry out in despair as the true futility of mortal existence is revealed unto them.

"If you take your pants off you get an intimidate bonus"
"... and - 2 to disguise checks"

Agamemnon Zhang continues his efforts to bring the Obsidian Isles under Nada’Athi rule, despite changing circumstances…


Luther, Sana, Quentin, Zelserys, Elissan, and Fofilakt finally arrive at the palace of the goblin queen, where they meet either a wolf that turns into a woman, or a woman that turns into a wolf, and negotiate to help investigate some magical matters and aid int he defense of New Jorintiat in exchange for the retrieval of the item they seek.

However things become very strange when the woman returns from the palace a bit… different.


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