The Suspended Lighthouse

A lighthouse-like enchantment suspended over the south-western coast of Hargos


This contraption is called the Suspended Lighthouse, but it really is no more a lighthouse than an over-sized magical torch of sorts.

The south-western coast of Hargos contains several extensive reefs concealed just below the water’s surface, making it a very dangerous island to get too close to from the western side. What is worse, however, is that the coast line is uneven and rocky, making it nearly impossible to build a proper lighthouse near enough to the water to effectively warn approaching ships.

The suspended lighthouse was a solution to this problem. Through a carefully designed ritual, the creators of the lighthouse were able to levitate a large stone on which a powerful light spell had been cast about 100 feet above the rocky shore line. They further put in place a carefully shaped piece of polished metal to focus the light provided by the stone’s enchantment into a beam. With the final portion of the ritual they caused the piece of metal to steadily revolve around the stone, causing its beam of light to sweep out across the sea and make the lighthouse much easier to notice and recognize from long distances.


The Suspended Lighthouse

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