The Wish Disks


Simple stone disks bearing a small ring of markings around its edge and a single symbol at its center.

According to an identify spell, the item is activated by casting a custom designed 6th level spell – the only purpose for which is to activate this item.

Once activated, the item uses the following spells as cast by a 17th level caster:

  1. Clone – with its target being the person who activated the item
  2. Time Stop – with its beneficiary being the person who activated the item
  3. Wish – with a pre-defined request in the style of “resurrect the nearest human corpse immediately”

At least one disk has been used twice by Yoten Serofy.


One disk was found amidst the spell books of Naimi.

It is currently in the joint possession of Luther Ritter and Sana Roshan.

Possible uses for the disk include:

  • Separating two conjoined souls?
  • Creating a living phylactery?
  • Create a literal clone of an undead creature’s living self by placing its altered, undead soul into a clone and resurrecting its living soul into its body.
  • Creating a clone of a living creature

The Wish Disks

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