The Prismatic Shroud


Once a large tapestry made of a light material on the surface of which colors shift and swirl in an ever-changing pattern, The Shroud was torn badly enough to expel its magical properties, leaving it now a fairly plain-looking grey cloth.


The Prismatic Shroud is an artifact that predates the Planar War – however while it’s presence in those happenings has been noted, no historical note has been made about its power.

The Shroud was stolen from the Hramn household in late spring, 1658, and recovered three weeks later through a stroke of luck by Maesra Naimi of Hramn, Zelserys Anorallath, and Kriefosal. Unfortunately it fell almost immediately into the hands of Narikasotho.

The Shroud was destroyed over the Capital City of Golir on a warm spring morning in 1658. Releasing – in one sense or another – Prism and the Secret of Darkness onto the world.

The Prismatic Shroud

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