Rod of Borrowed Time


A 3 foot 7 inch rod comprised of worked obsidian and sapphire, a user can expend a charge from this artifact to return a soul to a dead body for as many years as the user is willing to sacrifice from their own life. The use of this item will mend a body sufficiently to return it to life, but will not fix major trauma (i.e. crippling or severing injuries), and cannot return a body to life which completely lacks any vital organs.

Just how the transferal of years effects the user of the item is yet undocumented.


One of the most closely guarded secrets of the Cult of Legacy, even to those who know of this items existence the number of remaining charges is kept secret. However it has been used at least twice so far, once by Nathanial the Just to return to life Odewyn Blackwell, and once by Tidiolkras to return to life Zelserys Anorallath.

Rod of Borrowed Time

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