The Oenira is a premier scouting vessel in the Nada’Athi navy. The ship is of a unique and revolutionary design which affords it exceptional speed when operated by an experienced and coordinated crew.

The Oenira is built for speed with a long narrow design (about 200 feet long and about 40 feet wide), but as a result the ship requires a very experienced boson to pilot safely. Its combat abilities are limited to a 15 gun salvo of light cannon and its crew of 50 – 60, but its speed makes it excellent at escaping an unwanted combat.

Current Captain: Agamemnon Zhang

Other Officers:
Boatswain – Anghella of Tsanwao Island
Mate – Shu Fen

Non-Officer Crew:
Changes per assignment, at the direction of Agamemnon Zhang and Anghella of Tsanwao Island, staffed from a combination of Nada’Athi sailors and mercenaries under the command of Igaelia.


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