New Jorintiat

Mayor: * Sriipo
Marshal: * Kurika
Deputy Marshal: * Coenbalt Orisalmi
Militia Forces: * 14 Combat / Hunting Trained
* 8 Adult Wargs
Notable Residents: * Proser Merchant Family
* Taolpyrk
* Nima Kal
* Turh
* Jerime
* Mason
* Sapling
* Scar
Major Resources / Buildings: * Palisade
* River Access
* Town Hall
* Inner Thicket
* Warg Den
Neighbors: * Ettin War Camp – Neutral
* City of Gulorn – Friendly(?)

New Jorintiat – as its residents have come to call it – is an area of close to 80 square miles just on the south side of the Yule river in north eastern Enchi. The land in this area is quite fertile, and good for farming. However, the proximity to the dark woods makes the location somewhat dangerous.

The community settling this area – mostly refugees from the original Jorintiat who have fled the war – is primarily comprised of farmers, with a small handful of hunters and a few other professions in their midst. The demographics of the community are approximately 49% Orc, 30% Human, 17% Goblin, and about 4% Warg with a total population of just over 230.

(A view of the Dark Woods, just across the River Yul from New Jorintiat)

(The New Jorintiat Palisade)

(Town Hall Interior)

New Jorintiat

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