A mid-sized naval vessel.


The Miramua is a two-mast ship of about 240 feet. A skilled shipwright can easily tell that it was originally designed as a trade vessel and has been re-fitted once or twice to increase its combat effectiveness.

The Miramua can hold about 15 Tonnes of cargo, up to 8 cannon, and house a crew of 40. The ship requires a crew of 5 to operate much at all, and 10 to operate at full efficiency. The Miramua isn’t built for speed, but can outrun most ships of its size when its cargo hold is light.


The Miramua was bought, renamed, and refitted by Mira of Antanu at a small port on the north side of Hargos. It was then captured by the defending Antali and is now in the possession of Quentin Longtooth.


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