A sword with a blade just over four and a half feet long, this sword is masterfully crafted in a style appropriate to the early 13th century Keland designs. The most noteworthy aspect of the sword’s design is that along its blade is etched a depiction of the legendary slaying of the dragon Akriathis by the heroine Liesnia, which etchings swim with a whispy, purple energy.

Though this information is only shared with those whom Legacy allows to wield it, the following is the full list of individuals who have contributed to Legacy to date, and the purposes they instilled Legacy with when they did so.

Individual Purpose
Odewyn Werner Defend Mortals from the Wraith King
Epiphany Gotrind Collect Artifacts of Power for Safekeeping
Leiland Morrinalt Preserve the Knowledge of the Ritual, Protect Legacy
Oraun Zhael Preserve the Knowledge of the Planar War
Heleia of Dragon’s Throne Defend the Weak
Uma of Brok’Tad Defeat the Wicked
Odewyn Blackwell Defend Legacy

Legacy is the central purpose of the Keepers of Legacy cult. As an exceptionally powerful weapon, created with the purpose of defending the mortal realm against extra-planar invasion, Legacy saw to it that it would be kept and protected in case it was needed again in the future.

However the history of the sword goes back to before the beginning of the Planar War.

The sword itself was originally crafted by the smith and knight Odewyn Werner for King Saul Elward as a gift and example of Odewyn’s skill at the forge. More than a year later, with the threat of the Planar War looming in the near future, Odewyn – a student of dwarven arcana and crafting techniques – discovered how to perform a ritual of enchantment that required its performer to have no formal training in spellcraft or mastery of the arcane arts. Odewyn performed the ritual with the intent to create a powerful weapon against the dragon Yurikamilish, but in so doing gave his life to power the magics of the ritual.

As his own life essence was consumed by the ritual the magic of the ritual took on an aspect of that life force and gained some traits of his personality by such intimate exposure. During the war, the sword came into the hands of Epiphany Gotrind, one of the Heroes of the Planar War who wielded the sword against Yurikamilish on multiple occasions and carried it throughout her life. On the urging of the sword, which had become like a traveling companion to her, she formed the Keepers of Legacy cult, a group dedicated to keeping Legacy in safe hands until it is needed to defend the mortal realm once again. Further more, Epiphany became the second member of Legacy when, in her old age, she managed to perform the same ritual Odewyn had decades before.

As before, the magic of the ritual took on some aspects of Epiphany’s personality and her motivations. But it did not replace the existing magics, merely joined them. Since that time every leader of the Keepers of Legacy has tried to add themselves to the sword in their final years, though not all are able to master the ritual required. The exact number who have joined their life force to Legacy is unknown, but it is said that touching the sword fills ones mind with a sound like a dozen voices speaking in near-perfect unison.


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