Lan Fi


Lan Fi is a relatively small city positioned on the southern banks of the Gi Dan river, about a 2 day’s ride east from the southern Judicial Capital of Goruna.

The population of Lan Fi is barely more than a 5 or 6 thousand, but because of its position along the river and its relatively good farming land, it supports a very healthy economy in which several thousands of gold pass through the city each season.

City Council
Lan Fi is ruled by a council. Each seat on the council is reserved for representation of one of the powerful families in the city. For a family to be represented they must:

  1. Own land inside Lan Fi which is used for a business or commercial purpose
  2. Own a total of 10 square miles of land or more within Lan Fi or a 50 mile radius there surrounding
  3. Produce an annual tax revenue in excess of 1000 gold
  4. Have one or more family members (or proof of relation to such members) who have lived in Lan Fi for 30 years or more

The council’s head member is determined by a comparison of land holdings and longevity. Excepting the head council member who has the power to break perfect ties (the side on which the head council member votes gets the win) – all council members wield equal power.

The current members are:
Bo – Shian Bo
Fen – Lu Wei Fen
Lao – He Lao
Shin – Hao Li Shin (Head Council Member)
Ya – Toto Ya
Zin – Wei Yen Zin
Zhi – Gen Fo Zhi

Lan Fi

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