Odewyn Blackwell

Keeper of Legacy


Named after the smith whose creation became the central focus of the Cult of Legacy, Odewyn was conceived, born, and raised in the community. It seems only too fitting that he has become its head, and one of the most respected members of the cult.

Though their relation was never publicized, Odewyn Blackwell and Nathanial the Just had a very hostile relationship to one another owing to an old, possibly romantic, friendship gone awry when they were younger.

Also almost entirely unknown was the fact that, using the Rod of Borrowed Time, Nathanial had sacrificed many years of his life to save Odewyn from an untimely death. Those years ran out on the 18th day of the 11th month of 1658 when Odewyn suffered a heart attack that, though not immediately fatal, signaled his imminent death.

With the help of his friends Tidiolkras and Sana Roshan Odewyn was able to join himself to Legacy in the tradition of his order on the 19th of 11, 1658.

Odewyn Blackwell

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