Former Tutor of Zhaon Lu Paei


Naimi is a human and stands about five feet, ten inches tall. He wears a slightly stern countenance beneath a head of graying hair on a face of skin which pales from many long years spent in libraries and lecture halls.

On such days as he is busy filling his role as a professor at the Grafut Academy in Vatrum, he dresses very much in what may often be referred to as a “typical” wizard’s robe. On off days, however, Naimi dresses no differently than the average member of Vatrum’s well-to-do. One constant between his two style of outfit, however, is a falconry glove on his right hand which he uses in conjunction with a fairly aggressive and intimidating red-tailed hawk.


A scholar and a conjurer, Naimi was the esteemed tutor of Empress Zhaon Lu Paei who also seems to have become quite familiar not only with many of the nobility in Lalsim, but also with the faculty of many of the numerous universities and academies in the city.

Naimi has co-written books and essays on varied and numerous topics, usually serving as the publications’ expert on matters of the arcane. Notably, Naimi has been most prolific – and is considered particularly knowledgeable – in the areas of history and arcana – especially conjuration and symbolic magic.

Naimi keept a home in the city of Vatrum on the island of Hargos nestled comfortably alongside the homes of council members, judges, and other high profile members of Leiln society.

Naimi claimed to be in league with Narikasotho, and Zhaon Lu Paei in attempts to orchestrate the Empires War as part of a plot to take over the world. Naimi gave this information while drugged and restrained, after which he was killed by his own personal request via arrow to the head.


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