Molaen Saldrot


A young gnome with with coarse redish-brown hair and a scragly beard to match. He wears clothes that seem a custom ensemble from popular gnomish styles of about 10 years prior. He stands with a slight forward hunch and seems to wear a timid smile at almost all times.


Molaen is a promising young apprentice to Emia Kolua – the keeper of records for the Royal Tower of Mages in Golir. Molaen is, among a number of much more trivial matters, tasked with conducting preliminary interviews with mages wishing to gain access to the resources of the tower.

In the middle of the 11th month of 1658, it was discovered that Molaen was a spy for the Parliamentary Kingdom of Kefran. Demanding a formal trial, Molaen attempted to invoke old treaties, and finally threw himself on the mercy of the court with reference to his (mostly) peaceful surrender and cooperation. He was sentenced to indefinite imprisonment “until such time as your release can be negotiated with your King. To that end, a letter will be sent informing him of your capture.”

Molaen Saldrot

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