An elven woman at the onset of her later years, Meiliamo is in excellent physical shape for her age, but due to the climate of her home generally dresses in heavy furs from head to toe.


Meiliamo was a ranger in the Olu’Lansi in her youth. She served in this station during the Planar War era, and fought against the goblin invasion at Emi. She also saw combat during the Giant Wars, and still carries a deforming injury to her left hand from that conflict.

Meiliamo has long since retired to a quiet life, however. She and her now late husband, Aldaio, moved north of the mountains to live amidst the tundra landscape they both found so beautiful.

Meiliamo still hunts regularly, and enjoys long “nature walks” in the frozen lands around her home. She lives far enough from other settlements that she rarely sees visitors, but some years ago when she discovered a group of poachers carrying stolen dragon eggs, she punished the poachers for their ways and fearing for the safety of the eggs in the extreme climate, returned them to her home – where they then hatched very shortly afterward. Lost for what else to do, Meiliamo raised the two hatched dragons, and treats them like she would her own children, who go by Tsara and Korak.


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